US Army Corps of Engineers Hopper Dredge Experience


To my knowledge, there is zero difference between boats, they even share the same crew change dates for some reason.


There must be because according to USA Jobs the Wheeler works 14 days on / 14 days off and they’re 12 hour days. (Not 8 days on / 6 days off and 10 hour days.)


WHEELER is not a West Coast dredge.
Only two USACE dredges on the West Coast, ESSAYONS and YAQUINA.


What is your obsession with West coast dredges? I’ve said multiple times I’m not talking about West coast dredges, I’m asking questions about the USACE pay. You then said there’s​ zero difference between USACE boats, which is obviously not true.


THAT is the question which started this thread to which I responded, if you go off on some tangent, that’s on you.


I was being a good forum member and not making a new thread when there was already a related thread going.


No it is not.


Capt_PhoenixTop ContributerApr 27
I’m asking how the Army Corp calculates their pay. Is it really that different from boat to boat?

It is with locality pay. West coast hopper dredge pay scale is higher than Atlantic and Gulf coast pay scale


But it is the biggest and has 3 dragarms. I should make MORE than West Coast Mudsuckers!:rofl: