The utter meaninglessness of any flag a ship flies


It DOES appear that if Joe Schmoe has been Electrician, Crane Operator or in “eqv. supervisory position” (Camp Boss??) for 1 year and have passed a multiple choice exam at the end of the 5 days/36 hrs OIM MODU Course (+ hold valid survival, fifi and medical certificates), he’ll be good to go as OIM on a rig with >100 pers. on board working in the GoM.

Unfortunately the most popular FOCs used by American Drilling Contractors accept this as well.
Luckily not all shelf states are as “tolerant”.


Still incorrect.


Please post the correct requirements then. Maybe PhD???


You posted the correct requirements but you didn’t interpret then correctly.

4 years of sea time on a MODU.
1 year of that in a supervisory position.

While I disagree that crane operator or some of their other options should qualify it’s not just “1 year as crane operator”.


OK, so 3 years as Roustabout and 1 year as Crane Operator will do per the rules. (No matter what you think)
Maybe 3 years as messboy and 1 year as Camp boss would be to stretch it a bit??


How is that any less qualified than a Chief Mate with 84 days on an MODU?


I don’t know.

Maybe you can tell me how anybody can approve of someone with any of the two mentioned “qualifications” to be in overall charge of an offshore rig with >100 people on board operating anywhere in the world??


By looking at their resume and conducting an interview, just like how any company decides on which senior officer to hire.


Contrary to popular belief not every shipowner in the world is a greedy pig with no social conscience:
How disappointing.