Poll: Have You Ever Sailed As Passenger Aboard A Cruise Ship?


Sailed on the SS Norway out of Florida and around the Carribean as a passenger around 20 years ago. It was alright but I could help thinking as I lent on the handrails that I was usually getting paid to do that when I was at work . Had dinner at the Captains table and cocktails in the afternoons- very nice man but I heard he had died a few years later still quite a young man.


sounds like my household lol


My honeymoon was on one of the Princess ships going to Alaska in 2008. It was nice because the ship left out of Seattle where my ship was so I called my ship. We got a bunch of one finger salutes as we passed.

We were able to tour the bridge. My wife was like is your ship like this… "no, honey I work on the tanker equivalent of a '86 Chevy Caprice. The 2nd mate asked about my ship… “do you remember the rusty tanker leaving Seattle?..” “oh what delightfully ship”… Word must have gotten around because the deck cadet would seek us out…
I chatted with him about US vs. Foreign shipping.

I can’t wait until my kids are older so I can bore them on a cruise …


I have, but my employers thought I was working.


Twice out of Galveston. First time in an interior cabin. It sucked. Second time a cabin with a balcony. Wife loved it but me, not so much. Never again. The highlight was meeting a jack-up rig driver from Nawlins. We compared anchor tattoos while getting shitfaced at an open air bar.


Taught some STCW courses to crew on NCL boats out of Honolulu years ago. Had passenger cabin and ID badge for full ship access so best of both worlds. Enjoyed it but not sure I would ever pay for a week on one.


That would be a pretty sweet gig.


It was a hoot but once done it was done and never went back. It was a one time sort of thing for old crew, new people had training done shoreside after that.


This idea needs to come back. How great would it be to get your certs done on the ship you are actually working on with the people you are actually working with? Gimme one good reason why this isn’t the obvious best way to do it?