New USCG requirements for OICEW and No schools approved by USCG to teach courses. What can I do?


I visited that campus and got a tour almost a year ago and its very sharp.


Does San Jac have its own USCG approvals for these courses now, or are some of San Jac’s courses still being taught under Mid-Atlantic’s USCG approvals?


Since Oct 2015 we have been teaching under our own approvals. Check out our courses at the link below

John Stauffer


I just wanted to give an update on my situation. I contacted Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy and spoke with Raymond Blanchet and Adrian Batchelor. I told them my situation and these guys went right to work. They immediately started brainstorming with me on the line, about how they could maximize my off time by taking day and evening courses. They asked for the dates I will be home to tailor a package that will fit best with my time at home. These guys really came through for me in a time that I really needed some assistance. I would recommend calling them if you are in the same boat as me or want to work with some true professionals.I will be throwing as much work at you guys as I can as well as sending everyone I know your way! Thanks again for the help guys and to everyone on this forum at gcaptain for your input!