I️ am going to buy a salmon seiner and need help


they drop one end of the net right up on the beach…it’s the reason why Kodiak and Chignik boats are so small. tiny seines requiring very shallow drafts


In Prince William Sound crew shares for hired seine captains usually range from 20% to 30% of the gross earnings, minus fuel and groceries. I’ve heard as low as 15%, which could get you an experienced deckboss, which might be all you need. I think you’re on the right track HenryJD, check your account messages for a bunch more info I sent you a couple days ago.


sounds like quite the adventure! It also sounds risky on all fronts but then I know little of those small boat operations though there have been days I sure envied looking down on them from main deck. Keep charging ahead!



I hope you plans are coming together well.