17 dead after duck boat sinks at Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri


We just need more foam.

Here’s a quote from the toyboater site that had the dinghy video on it.

"How can foam reduce buoyancy when it’s used in large blocks for floating piers? All those are, are big blocks of foam enclosed in plastic. "

I don’t think he was joking.


We just need more foam


Never mind the quality, feel the width.


Nope, I did the opposite of this guy. It appears I have to repeat myself again for you. My cheap old dinghy was already filled with heavy foam, rotting and waterlogged, and I pulled it to replace it with plastic bottles while I was in there adding a mast step and inspection port for a sail kit. I was more following the concept of Plastiki https://www.wired.com/2009/11/plastiki-gallery/I
I think it’s cute you have been busy thinking about me looking into this. You must feel full and satisfied now that you have spent even more time trying to insult some strange gal on the net to validate your own self-worth.


As could be expected, in good fashion an error link. Probably clogged up by plastic bottles.


Waterlogged? And where is it you stated that previously?

“We go over our payload at times during provision runs when cruising and hulling very heavy provisions (such as gallon water jugs and beer/wine), so we sit lower then, right?”

You originally wrote: “We added an inspection port at the bow seat, we had to for the other mod (adding a custom sailing kit, so a mast step). We added water bottles, jammed em in there. We noticed some improvement so added another port to the stern seat and did the same.”

Don’t take it personally, I don’t think anyone thinks about you after laughing off your posts, you just happened to be the second best example of a WAFI who added some comedic relief to an otherwise sad and depressing thread.


right here [quote=“SailingCruiser, post:178, topic:48688, full:true”]
This old, beat up, small fiberglass tender with foam in the seats that was rotting and needed to go [/quote]

…at the end of the day all I was wondering, from the get-go, is if you all thought weight was an issue in the accident and I mentioned an experiment done.


They have been running since 1946 without incident, that is a pretty good safety record.


Ripley Entertainment purchased Ride the Ducks in December, but the duck boat business has a much longer history. Pattison, who has been president and director of Ripley Entertainment since 2007, said Ride the Ducks has operated for 47 years and the captain of the vehicle that capsized had 16 years experience.

He told CBS: “We’ve never had an incident like this or anything close to it.