Zerks, chucks, oil cans etc etc

I bought a new oil can the other day, it’s blue with a flex hose, fits in your hand, coffe cups worth and it leaks, dribbles all over the place. I’ve noticed lately one can not apparantly find a imperial drill chuck, it seems they are all Jacobs, I’m greasing my 44 dodge weapons carrier today and can’t get half the fittings to take grease, I can’t believe they’ve shrunk or something!, somebody name one grease gun end that gets a positive lock on a fitting and won’t go around it?? and i’ve all ready used the tight quarters adapter you gotta push onto the ball of the zerk and hold. Seems only a few years ago there was some variety in manufacturing choices … now i’m reminded of USSR when i was younger!

Are the Zirk’s clean? The ball may be seized - restricted. You may consider replacing them one at a time and see if it changes? I regard to the can leaking/dripping it sounds like it may be on the lower end?

Buy one of these, and you’ll wonder how you ever used a grease gun before it. https://locknlube.com/

Push the grease gun onto the zerk while carefully balancing the gun on your leg. Once the nozzle is attached, slowly pull one hand back towards the gun. Holding the fitting with one hand, attempt to pump the grease gun against your thigh. This may take some time so be patient. When you are finished, wipe away the fist sized ball of grease.

These things work ok if they fit…


I got one of these, squirts a 12pac of grease on a charge, 10,000 psi and a tube in two minutes…

McMaster-Carr sells stainless steel zercs pretty cheap.

Good luck

Thanks for the help. fyi I grew up in a gas station and before going to sea made a living as owner/operator heavy equipment and know all the dog tricks for any grease gun but i’d not heard of the lock’n’lube till dollar mentioned it here, (thanks… i bought it after about 30 secounds viewing the web site)) ! the dewalt unit looks awesome but I can get by with the pneumatic (air) unit i have… it’s by a average but ok manufacturer

It’s a little longer, but I’ve had it work on crappy worn/rusted zerks that nothing else would seal on. I stumbled upon it one day when I was frustrated and pissed just like you were!

What is your point?? Jacobs drill chucks where made in the USA until a few years ago when they where sold to a large tool conglomerate. So what is a imperial drill chuck?

If your zerks won’t take grease maybe they need to get cleaned out they will get nasty over time.

just complaining about the lack of choices readily available … the zerk issue is settled !