Yacht vs Train, Round 1, Fight!

You know those small, fast motor boats that everybody loves to hate… Ever wonder what would happen if one of those got t-boned by a train? We now have the answer:

Different angle:

Judging by the impressive size of the debris field, I guess the fight didn’t proceed to round 2.

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Train attacks boat. Second time in the same month. We may need to start a new forum category.

So it turns out the guy that tried to ram the hospital ship with a train was crazy…like a fox. All he needed to do was make an enormous trailer, put the hospital ship on it, borrow John Bunyan’s truck to pull the trailer, slow down on the track, and he could have done it.


Now I have my first chuckle of the day.

Such a shame it wasn’t a yacht.

Your definition of which being? To me it looks like a Nimbus 300 R, billed as such by the maker…

Looked like a cabin cruiser to me but then I didn’t have my specs on.

Hey, you scratched my anchor! (Mandatory)

Yacht = anything that floats that is used for fun instead of work.
By that definition we have a train over yacht victory.
Common usage in the USA is that “yacht” is boat bigger than a powerboat on a trailer. OTOH many yacht clubs have mainly Lasers and other yachts that get launched off a beach, so it can get confusing.
In the old days before trains had holding tanks, we did have Amtrak vs. fishermen under the railroad bridge up near the C&D canal and the trains occasionally scored a direct hit!

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Bombs away!

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