Working for assistance towing companys, $$$?

Sea-Tow, Towboat US, type of company. Assuming you have your 6 pack or 100T, a marine radio operator endorsement and the assistance tow endorsement, what type of coin do you think a captain (employee) can make an average in S. Fla per week? I don’t have a clue, but the owner told me the following…
"Base salary is seventy-five per day plus ten dollars per hr towing out of area members and twenty five per hr for non members."
So, assuming S. FL volume of boat traffic. What is your guess on a ballpark weekly amount of $$ coming back to a capt?
Any current or ex seatow guys here? Thanks.
Starving in FL

I did the Sea Tow thing for almost 10 years. I have worked for 3 franchises and owned part of one. Its not worth it unless your in an area that does a lot of salvage and you get a cut of it. I have made as much as 1200 a week doing it and as little as 300 a week doing it. Not including the good salvage weeks and months with storms. With the right salvage or series of salvage after a storm you can make a couple grand a day but it never lasts. With experiance and the right location a capt can make 50ish. In the wrong area you may only make 25ish. I will say its a fun job but the being on call 24 7 gets old. Then again you are home at night unless your towing.


Starving in FL

You will keep on starving in FL working for them…

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