Word Game

Word game to keep you occupied in long, cold winter days (and nights):

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There is now also a Singlish version of Wordle:


Singlish? What is it?


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Ok, thanks for the clarification

Singlish is an informal, colloquial form of English that is used in Singapore. Linguists refer to it as Singapore Colloquial English or Singapore English.
It takes word from Chinese dialects, mainly Hokien and Cantonees and from Bazaar Malay, mix it in with simple English as base, without worrying too much about grammar.

The official English used in administration, schools, business and to talk to Ang Mohs, are British English with a Singaporean accent.

PS> Singapore has 4 official languages; English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malayu (National language) and Tamil.

PPS> Before you ask;

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Infomative enough, thanks