WMSL Hamilton

Anyone know any information on the WMSL Hamilton, the fourth “Legend” class cutter currently being built at Ingalls?

Kind of a vague/broad question. I doubt anyone on here is going to know more about it than an internet search.


If you’re interested in being a plank owner… well, I recommend going for one of the other WMSLs that have been around. It’s nice when someone else has worked out the new boat kinks.

Don’t really care about the “plank owner” hoopla or any of that flare. I’m more interested in the capabilities these cutters might have proven so far. Are they performing up to their design, or have we [CG] once again dumped a lot of money into a hull that’s nothing more then a river barge? I have devoured the Internet for information. Looking for actual first hand facts.

Like anything brand new they’ve had their share of problems. Most of the bugs seem to have been worked out and each new hull is better than the last. Deffinitly better than the 378’s as far as capabilities, comfort and technology; but only time will tell if they last as long.

Arent you in the CG? If so, theres better places to find out all sorts of info.