Will KP Shut down sea year?

Nah brah. As I wrote in a post (that capt jon bragged about deleted), all these publications are legit journalists that know how to use the words “allegedly/alleged” and “suspected”. The report facts correctly, instead of conflating editorial punditry with actual reporting.

Agree. Trolls are like seagulls. They fly in, make a lot of noise, and crap over everything. If you feed them they’ll never go away.




Same issue with flying and the same issue with IT. Any combo of long hours and/or extensive travel kills it for women, plenty of guys can take off for wherever and leave the wife home with the kids, but a lot fewer wives seem able to travel and leave the husband home with the kids. Add in a dash of bro/caveman culture and you just don’t have a lot of women who want the job.


Excuse me, You obviously are not aware that all nuns are women. I do not believe your desire for affirmative action is applicable.

I was going to avoid the rest of this topic, however, in this country we say overwhelmingly.


Many females can be overwhelming, even nuns.


Thank you for the opportunity to delete more of your posts.

P.S. I-didn’t delete all those posts to censor you. I did it because I enjoyed eliminating all your hard work.

tl;dr Once upon a time someone on this forum said “ You’re a crap journalist and you have little seatime as masted. So You’re not a real captain you’re just a gCaptain.”

And that my friend was the best compliment ever. :slight_smile:


No remorse, Your responses Randomweb was not a positive contribution to an open site that means well… Do I agree on nothing you have posted., Oh hell no. Do I agree to be able to post in a positive manner without getting censored, I think so, Time will tell,.You really should go away.

Shades of my Catholic school upbringing. I’m still female, but practice ardent cynicism these days.


I went back to sea in my 50’s. No small kids or other obligations. My husband is now mourning my retirement…lol


I knew no one would care unless it happened to a cadet.

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This thread is now over 230 posts and imo not a productive discussion. Anyone that wants to respond to a post here or whatever start a new thread. Any members are also free to link back to this thread or any post here to continue the discussion.

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