Why I posted about a MEGAUNION

It probably wouldn’t be easy to get a functioning union under the present laws, political climate and attitudes among a large proportion of the US workforce, never mind the mariners.

It is apparently easier to tell other countries that they have to allow freedom of organization than to implement it at home.

^^^ Nobody take the bait and we’ll all be better off ^^^


There’s a line between reporting the news and making the news. Once a journalist starts advocating they risk their reputation as an impartial broker. You are looking for a cause to advance. That makes me question why. Are you following your concious or are you following the lead of donners and sponsors. I’m sure you see the conflict.

You know the union issue is an ugly one in the maratime industry. The Gulf folks think a union is just plain bad, Southerners and Republicans tend to think unions are bad. So by advocating this Megaunion idea you’ve just sided against half your readers. It looks like the road to advocate journalism (a.k.a. lobbying). Even the pro-union folks will disagree about Megaunion. So half of those that agree will disagree. Quite a mess.

That’s why I asked.

Other than hou… Who said anything about advocating?

Yes, I worked in the Gulf dor a decade. I understand the political climate.


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I’m not sure what you are trying to say. It’s a disjointed ramble that makes little sense.

I’m saying that I want gCaptain to investigate and expose issues that continue to weaken the US Merchant Marine and present new ideas that will support it.

We are looking for issues that have a chance for positive action and will not just dissolve into infighting within the industry.

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John. I was not responding to you. I understand what you are saying very clearly.

I was responding to that other guy in that other thread before you split the thread and move my reply into a different thread.

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Wow, congress opened an inquiry solely because of your book? I’m glad your influence (and this site/blog/forum/connections/investigations) is so very strong. I missed your posts where you tell of the billion dollars you toss around like the oligarchs to get things done.

WTF are you talking about?

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One big factor in my getting a master’s job was I had my sister, an English teacher, help me write my cover letter. I took several days and a few tries but the final product was better by far than the first attempt.

I like the "on deck’ feel of many post on the forum. Maybe editing assistance rather than or in addition to pro journalist?

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The Tankship Tromedy gives a very detailed description of the origin of class societies and how they are today. It’s an excellent read and everyone involved in shipping should read it.



IIRC, people have tried to sue the class societies and courts have specifically ruled that they aren’t liable.

It varies. . . being a field surveyor for a Class society is truly a thankless job. . .


It was a round-about way of stating this: Do you really think this blog/forum has influence on decisions around the world? Seems a bit arrogant, to me. Only people with billions of dollars have influence.

You see, now your make a good point. Why didn’t you start with that instead of being an asshole?

No, we don’t have any power. Zero. But we can make a few of the billionares and power brokers listen (if only breifly)… whether they tune in or tune out and what they do with the information is 100% beyond our control.

And I never said it was a great plan, in fact I specifically said that we’ve looked at the problem from many angles for many years and I have failed to see a solution.

All this post is about is giving it a try. What’s wrong about doing that?

He was questioning the claim that your book started a congressional inquiry.

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I don’t think he was. Not directly. It’s more likely he was questioning the arrogance of my claim because he did so without any proof or reason… which is along the same lines as calling someone a douchebag… which is the perfect attack because there is no way to defend yourself without sounding like a douchebag.

I could go find the congressional record, highlight and mark it up and say “see here it is”… but what would that prove? And how do you do that without looking more bitchy or arrogant??

I wrote: “Wow, congress opened an inquiry solely because of your book?” Is it possible to get more direct than that?

You also said:

To which I replied in part: “I’m glad your influence (and this site/blog/forum/connections/investigations) is so very strong.” Sorry, I didn’t explicitly make it clear I was being facetious. But your reply admits there is no “power” (used interchangeably with influence in this case).

Alas, this is a unneeded tangent, and I’m ready to move the discussion back to the MEGAguild, if you are.

I think a strong analysis needs to be done on what and how the ALPA union does for airline pilots. This is not to adopt ALPA ways, but to understand how they have remained in a position of strength over the years. Also take a look at the Screen Actors Guild. The SAG sets a minimum pay for all members, but stars are allowed to make more money.

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