Why did my newly issued MMC come with SCTW 78 instead of SCTW 95?

I’ve been searching the threads and nothing seems to explain why I was issued a new credential issued under the provisions SCTW for “Seafarers 1978, as amended”. I was wondering why this was not issued as SCTW-95? And is there a difference?

It says, “qualified in accordance with the provisions of regulations: II/4; VI/1; VI/2” and under capacity, it has "Rating Forming part of a Navigational Watch (Able Seaman-Unlimited, and (Lifeboatman) I have within the last year taken and have certs for BST, and Lifeboatman

Also, my endorsement lists capacity as: “Able Seaman-Any Waters, Unlimited” , yet also states above , “capacities specified” (Domestic only). So… “any waters”, as long as it’s “domestic only”? I am unclear what this means and how to get it changed to “All Oceans”, in case I might want to work in Brazil, for example?

I’d much appreciate some clarification on these topics. I’m new at this, having been a commercial fisherman for decades, so please excuse my naivity.

“As ammended” from STCW 78 means its ammended to satisfy requirements of “95”. Its not unique to yours, they all say that.

Thanks for that. And my apologies for posting this thread in the wrong section!