Where in the world is


The Rappahannock? No specifics…looks like I may have a gig as cargomate and want to know will I be enjoying some Pollo Loco in San Diego, trying to squeeze in a dive in Hawaii, checking out a Souk or, god forbid, dickin around the Sea of Japan…



The Rappahannock River is in Virginia. It empties into Chesapeake Bay. There is also a MSC ship called USNS Rappahannock–she is an oiler, with no homeport listed. I did find an article online about an operation in the Taiwan Straits. Hope this helps! Good luck!



Its a river in the great state of Virginia, but its also a ship maybe in Hawaii?


[B]U.S.N.S RAPPAHANNOCK ( http://www.msc.navy.mil/inventory/ships.asp?ship=146&type=FleetReplenishmentOiler )[/B]

[B]CURRENT POSITION ( 0947 HRS - 1347 ZULU )[/B]

[B]6:17:37 N[/B]
[B]94:47:59 E[/B]


[B]Beautiful, isn’t she? Man that’s some good livin right there! :stuck_out_tongue:
94 E–tells me what I need to know–THANKS![/B]


[B]yerrrr welcome. I would rather be scraping that hull than be under these flourescent’s right now…:stuck_out_tongue: [/B]


Ya, your past time to go back to sea…lol…


[B]I agree, even though we wear different “hats”…[/B]
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She was in Sembawang in August.