Whats your best "Breaking Balls" story...?

The boat im on everyone gets along pretty well, but its a steady stream of ball breaking and frat-house humor. Didnt know if you guys might have some epic stories…???

Hey man…I’m glad you asked! I moved into my house and the people who were here before me left all these damned heavy stone balls in the backyard. They’re a real bitch having back there and everytime I try to go to the outhouse in the night I must collide with half a dozen of them. They seem to wander to new positions all on their own like they’ve got some sort of witchdoctory hudu BS in them and I’m getting pissed just looking at the damned things. Makes playing croquet back there a real pain in the ass as well! You know anyone who can break them up for me and haul them out of here?

I’ll pay someone a sixpack of Old Milwaukee if they’d do it for me!