What's New in the Tug and Barge World?

Australian deckhands get $170,000 a year ! Yes it’s Oz dollars but still.


Maybe you are not Unionized enough to control the US tug business??

PS> I don’t know if Paddy is available (or interested) in taking on more work:

MULTRATUG 6 navigating the Westerschelde.
Photo: Wim Kosten SR – www.maritimephoto.com (c)

The tug TAI PARI operating in Tauranga, New Zealand.
Photo: Capt. Edgar Gold.(c)

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I copied the headline from Maasmond Newsclippings today and got access to F.R. and I’m able to do so still. :slightly_frowning_face:
Here is the article:

Source : Financial Review

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Long haul:

The ALP STRIKER departed with Heerema’s H 542 from Vlissingen heading for Pasir Gudang (Malaysia)
Photo: Wim Kosten – www.maritimephoto.com (c)

Tug ALP Striker:

Barge H-542: