What's New in the Tug and Barge World?

Australian deckhands get $170,000 a year ! Yes it’s Oz dollars but still.


Maybe you are not Unionized enough to control the US tug business??

PS> I don’t know if Paddy is available (or interested) in taking on more work:

MULTRATUG 6 navigating the Westerschelde.
Photo: Wim Kosten SR – www.maritimephoto.com (c)

The tug TAI PARI operating in Tauranga, New Zealand.
Photo: Capt. Edgar Gold.(c)

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I copied the headline from Maasmond Newsclippings today and got access to F.R. and I’m able to do so still. :slightly_frowning_face:
Here is the article:

Source : Financial Review

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Long haul:

The ALP STRIKER departed with Heerema’s H 542 from Vlissingen heading for Pasir Gudang (Malaysia)
Photo: Wim Kosten – www.maritimephoto.com (c)

Tug ALP Striker:

Barge H-542:


The Dutch way:

Müller Dordrecht Ro-Ro pontoon 6515 Pushed by the pusher BO JO passing Dordrecht
Photo: Joop van Toorn Papendrecht ©

Nothing new, just wanted to share a picture.

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The never ending saga of MUA vs. Svitzer:

The real inner city transport Tug SB2 with barge SB322 seen at the Singel in Amsterdam
Photo: Lourens Visser ©

Boluda gets bigger (and better??):

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A famous old tug that is still with us:

The SA AMANDLA seen close inshore near Sea Point
Photo: Glenn Kasner ©

Better know under her previous name John Ross

In a rear picture of the John Ross together with her sister tug Wolraad Woltemade (aka “not John Ross but the other one with the difficult name”, or simply WW) transferring towline off Cape Town 2005:

Photo from shipnostalgia.com

PS> WW was built in Leith, Scotland 1976, broken up in Alang, India 2010. She was renamed ICON for her final voyage to Alang
John Ross was built in Durban, S.A. the same year and is still in service as Salvage tug in S.A.

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Our youngest son sent this picture from Nashville, Tennessee

Familiar tug anyone?