What's a song you like that makes no sense

Clean Elvis by Dan Reeder is absolutely schizophrenic lyric wise. Incoherent and all over the place. But it’s so catchy, and very zen-like. Here’s a link to listen to, you wont regret it.

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That songs sucks & isn’t catchy IMO. Except for the words, “I Love You”, I don’t remember any others or the rhythm & I listened to it less than 2 minutes ago.

Below is a terrible song but somehow is better than the original. The chorus can get stuck in my head at a drop of a hat. But just a heads up, if you’re not a Marvel/Guardian of the Galaxy fan don’t listen to my suggestion because you won’t get it.

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Every song except this one:

Everything reminds me of my dog
The guy in the store reminds me of my dog
Telephones remind me of my dog yoohoo
Taxicabs remind me too
If you remind me of my dog
We’ll probably git along little doggie
Git along git along little doggie git a
Smiling at strangers reminds me of my dog
Better let them know you’re friendly
The way people dress reminds me too
Pissing on their favourite tree
Sad things remind me of my dog
Cockroaches and other insects
Remind me too, don’t eat them
The blank expression of the little boy
With thick glasses who picks
Himself up from the sidewalk
And stands there blinking in the sun
Ho oh
Like the man on the subway
Sitting across from me
And every time I looked at him he smiled
And by the time
I got to the end of the subway line
I 'd given…

Source: LyricFind

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Can’t say i actually like this one…but the wife and kids do.

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That’s definitely music alright…

God I hate this song. It’s like a zombie that won’t stay dead. My little nephews love this and found and hour repeat version. Its like an advanced torture technique from Guantanamo Bay.

Get them hooked on this instead:

Here’s the ten hour version:

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It’s catchy, I actually like it.

So do I. A lot. If I had to listen to something over and over again I wouldn’t mind if it was this one. Opinion subject to change of course, pending experience.

I believe this version was sung by Peter Bellamy. It was written by Cyril Tawney. Both of these fine artists are well represented on YouTube.

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Thank you for showing me this friend.

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All songs by Yes and most songs by Steely Dan. Stuck in my head for decades, still make no sense whatsoever.


YES does have a reputation of meaningless lyrics…i think there are actually interviews where they have confirmed it. ‘Tell the moondog tell the marcher!’

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What a nice jaunty tune!

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Mairzy Doats (yeah, I’m old. Real old.)

When I was a little kid I thought the wordplay was the coolest thing ever.



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Hmmm. Mr. Glazer left out a couple stanzas. This fellow sings them and adds one I haven’t heard.

Best lyrics ever: Steely Dan’s “Daddy Don’t Live in that New York City No More”. They don’t write them like that anymore.

“Driving like a fool out to Hackensack;
Drinking his his dinner from a paper sack.
He says I gotta see a joker and I’ll be right back…”


Tipitina, Professor Longhair.

Mellow Yellow…

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