What would it cost for DP school?

If the company didn’t pay for it, how much would it cost? Seems like a lot vessels are DP nowadays…

Is there anything hard about learning it? how long is the school? do you need to take class then get signed off for time etc???

In the $2000 ball park for each of the 2 classes; read this for starters: http://gcaptain.com/maritime/blog/license/
(and there’s more hits if you do the search yourself in the upper right hand corner of these pages).

Thank you sir for the info! I run across a job here and there but of course they want a dp Cert etc… seems like no company wants to hire a guy without the cert and doesn’t want to train- Can’t say I blame them etheir!

In some cases if you can get onboard after taking the first course, the company may subsidize the second.