What jobs are the most fun?

I’m still having a great time!!!

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Any job where I can fish.


“here” … the 40’s?

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Sand and stone work was fun. Hard work but fun.

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I doubt there are few “fun jobs” that pay worth a shit out there these days, unless you are a Yachtie but then you are basically someone’s slave.

I’ve found a “less stress” job working for the state. The pay isn’t quite the same but I have very few worries and hopefully it will stay that way.

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Being a dad. Most of the time. All other jobs suck.


Back in the 80’s while on strike, I took a job as Chief Electrician on the TS Empire State. While it did not pay the best, it kept me in the NYC area and with the Strike that was important to me. I worked there for just shy of three years.

The thing that I enjoyed the most was teaching (or trying to teach) the Cadets how to work on shipboard systems. As a Diesel guy, I was also able to lend a hand when it came to working on the Aux Diesels.

Now that I’m retired and look back this would have been one of the top few jobs that I actually enjoyed.

One of the other would be working on the New York State Canals. Back in the 70’s that was a cool job.

This industry changed drastically in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez. The amount of regulations that came out were more about panic management rather than actually making anything safer and all of them sucked all the fun out of sailing.


No more tuggin?

On the side, but no longer full time.

I hear yeah man , good luck

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Expedition boats. Privately owned research vessels is where I’ve been. Plenty of good port time between charters around the world and all the toys of a yacht without having to grovel and shine chrome all day. They are few and far between but they are a great place to be.

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Easy… when I got paid to stay home for 7 months with full pay while working for Vantage Drilling… it got better when I got a $20k safety bonus … but it’s been down hill since then but I loved sailing 2/m on the USNS Lawrence Gianella… great crew and fun ports

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Yes that came close sitting on a buoy all night. We jigged for squid and the cook we had turned them into beautiful meals. I don’t think the owners envisaged the searchlights being used to attract the fish.
But in first place would have to be a general cargo ship loading everything from frozen meat to locomotives often with no night work so plenty of chances to get ashore. The pacific and Caribbean ports were on island time and while my pay was enough to keep me in the style I would like to have been accustomed it wasn’t enough for married life and I had to move on to something that paid the bills. I think my liver also appreciated the move.

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