What is the best way to apply with Chouest?

What is the best way to apply with Chouest? I have tried calling and no luck just message machines and no returned calls. What is the best way? Email? Mail? Camp outside of their office?

I think it has been touched on before, but:

Campout on their front door step!

1.Nothing shows a prospective employers more than giving them a call that you are in the area and would like to talk with them. This lets then know that you are serious!

  1. Show up and put your best foot forward. BTW, make sure you bring ALL your documents with you! You would be surprised how many ‘forget’ them at home.

  2. Be ready, bags packed, to go! And, let them know that you are!

There are several on the board that did this and they are in orientation or already working!

Most of the jobs I ever got would not let me get out of the office, the others had a telephone call waiting for me upon my return home (pre-cellphone).

Good Luck!

Ditto on ES’s reply. Just make sure when you call you aren’t waiting on a return call. Leave a message and make plans to go and “BE READY”. Don’t forget anything. When you go to the interview plan on it being at least a 30 day interview when you walk through the door. No promises, but this will work more often than you think. You can get their application online and have “ALL” questions answer so you can just hand it in when you get there. Good luck.