What happened to "Ordinaryseaman" creator of the "Maritime Jobs Lead Thread"?

The guy used to post all the time, and now it looks like he hasn’t been here in ages. Anyone know what happened to him?

At least one other forum member knows Anthony personally and was going to give him a call.

I never did find out what happened, and am interested in finding out, too.

Was he the one that started at the school up in Seattle, and was giving daily updates? Or am I mistaking him for someone else.

[B]Looks like he hasn’t posted since July '10… Anthony gets a spanking for not checking in…[/B]

Hi all,

Sorry I didn’t follow up on my contact with Ordinaryseaman. He is doing well. He sends his regards to all, and asked me to tell you that he reluctantly left the industry to pursue another field of work.

I’m sorry we lost him here on the forum. He was a valued participant.

I thought the Karaoke was just a phase he was going through.

Man … sucks to read that… such a nice fella this ordinary seaman. Well, l thought about leaving too but l love it too much to leave it. I must’ve be nuts right?! … even though l’ve been taking care of my business here in Brazil, l’m still sailing but now in the Brazilian flag till this administration goes away and we get some kind of Reagan re-encarnation (we need that badly!)

Best regards.

Maybe Anthony is the smart one…

[QUOTE=dougpine;53922]he reluctantly left the industry to pursue another field of work.[/QUOTE]

He’s not cleaning pools, is he? rigdvr had a problem with a pool cleaner.

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