What door can a DP1 intro course open for ya?

I’m very eager into changing into the GOM work area, as a former tug (on deck, not wheelhouse) worker in the Gulf, I left for deep sea once I got my license (3/M), I’m now wanting to get back in to the GOM work for a better quality of life routine with shorter rotations, etc. I have recently passed my Chief Mates license and will be taking the DP Intro class with hopes of being able to get my foot in some door in the GOM. Any tips for getting back into that sector of the industry
Thanks for any leads or info, I know it’s a tough market out there right now; any advice on heading in the right direction would be great.<O:p</O:p

I am assuming you also have your 1600 Master. Check with Chouest. They should like your bigger license and if you can get on with them it will be easy to knock out your “advanced” DP. THe fact that you did the Into DP course on your own should tell them you are motivated. Nicky Collins 800-417-7144