Well whatdya know, the new WSF director is making real changes there!

I wonder how many deadbeat chairweights are being shown the exit?

[B]New ferries director shaking up management[/B]

Ed Friedrich Jan 6, 2015

SEATTLE — New Washington State Ferries Director Lynne Griffith informed employees and ferry district legislators in emails Tuesday that she’s shaking up agency management.

Griffith, who took over in October, wrote in an email titled “Transforming Our Organization” that, “Today I am making some changes that will transform our structure, moving us forward in ways that I believe will make us a more effective organization.”

The new structure eliminates one level of management and realigns six positions to report directly to Griffith. The positions are:

Director of marine operations.
Director of vessel and terminal maintenance.
Director of terminal engineering.
Director of finance and administration.
Director of community services and planning.

Some are vacant. Four are held by employees who’ll have to reapply because of the changed duties and scope. They’ll be open in the coming weeks.

The sixth position, chief of staff, will be filled immediately by Elizabeth Kosa, who’s now the senior port engineer. Her responsibilities will include managing training and development programs, coordinating with the safety department and Coast Guard, and interacting with all departments to ensure issues are being identified and addressed promptly.

The flattened structure is designed to allow department heads to make decisions that will help WSF operate more efficiently, make it easier for issues to be identified and addressed quickly, increase transparency, and hold management to a higher level of accountability. It also ensures that these key positions have direct access to and support of agency leadership.