VinaMaSo offers its members an opportunity to make money online


What we have done is setup a system so the ad revenue can be shared between all active members of this maritime social network website. This website displays [B]two advertisement spots,[/B] one is in the bottom and the another one is between the title and the content of each article view, which includes and may not limite to news area, journal area, academy articles, etc. We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the article page (the ads are contextual). Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.
If a member has an AdSense account, he has the ability to credit his account with the ads served on article he posts on the VinaMaSo.Net.
[B]Why are we doing this?[/B]
This is one of ways for us to say “thank you” to the active members/authors who are contributing their contents to the site.
It is also an interesting thing that authors will be willing to upload/post their high quality content to the site sharing with their community when they get paid for their posts. As the result, the readers of the site will have very interesting things to read up.
[B]What are the advantages for the authors?[/B]

[li]Authors really DO NOT need to have their own website running Google Adsense to make money. So they can dedicate their time and energy to qualify and enrich their post/content without any worries about website building and maintenance.[/li][li]Because your articles are displayed on the high traffic VinaMaSo website and they are VinaMaSo apart so they could get great opportunity to be reached by audience inherited from the rest of VinaMaSo. Your contents could never get those traffic like if they are on their own.[/li][li]For the articles you post, your AdSense client ID will be used 100% of the time when the article is viewed. So, you will [B]get 100% revenue[/B] of the two ads running on your posts. No one currently can give you this best thing but VinaMaSo.Net[/li][li]One Google Adsense ad is added on member profile view. So, you will have chance to get a paid click if your profile is viewed even you don’t have any posted article on the website. The two thing you have to do is update your adsense ID in your profile and place your own profile url in any possible website in order to promote you profile and articles.[/li][/ul]
[B]What are the restrictions making money this way?[/B]

[li][U]You must have an AdSense account[/U] through Google. If you do not have one yet, please visit Googleto apply.[/li][li]Your Adsense client ID is used 100% [U]50% of the time[/U] when your profile is viewed. We decided this in order to prevent our site flooded by inactive members without post. Our own client ID will be used the rest of time and credit back to our maintenance cost.[/li][/ul]
[B]Is this allowed by Google?[/B]
Yes, it is. That’s why you can use as your own site when you apply Adsense through Google. Please check Google Adsense Terms & Condition by following this URL for more details:
Finally, please click here to apply Google Adsense if you have not done it yet.
Also, you may be interested in reading some guides about using Google Adsense to make money with VinaMaSo.Net, click here.

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It sounds good. But I don’t know about google adsense. Is this true thing?
I found some ads on gcaptain blog which seem to be similar to the ones on your vinamaso. Are they the same things that you mentioned as google adsense?
By the way, how much you can earn from this :smiley:


yes, it is true. If you search Google with keyword “Adsense”, you would probably find about 48,000,000 (Forty Eight Million results). Adsense is now very very popular on the internet, especially to publishers who are earning money online from home.
This program is operated by Google - the greatest name on the internet!!!

Yes, you are right. GCaptain.Com is also generating revenue from Google Adsense. You may contact the owner of GCaptain to get familiar with Adsense. I’m sure he knows very well.

I’m sorry. Revealing Adsense earning is strictly prohibited by Google. But I am sure you would have your answer after participating my site’s program :slight_smile:

P/S: I have updated the program policy. Check it out please!