Veteran cars for enthusiasts

There may be somebody here who enjoy old veteran cars?

In 1920 it was probably Norway’s most expensive car. Current owner John Wallentin says that the car cost 5,000 dollars new. On Friday, the Cunningham 1919 model was the icon among the 26 seven-seater cars that had a lunch stop at the Visnes Hotel in Stryn:

Icon among icons: John Wallentin at his 1919 Cunningham. An icon of an American seven-seater.

Stately: - This is the oldest and probably the rarest car in the seven-seater race, says John Wallentin modestly.

Power: The engine in John Wallentin’s 1919 model Cunningham is a 7.5 liter V8 with 90 horsepower.

26 cars in total: The seven-seater tour had a stop for lunch at the Visnes Hotel, before the tour continued to Dalsnibba and Geiranger.
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