That is dead right!!


Went to a housewarming party for my son a few weekends ago. Little did I know one of the only non-vac persons attending and a fellow motorhead was anti-vac. Ex Navy retired chopper dude, would not have sat with him had I known. He is rebullding a cool 1958 car. His wife is a respected nurse in our area and vaccinated. Some of his former cadets/classmates from USMMA in attendance were all vaccinated. Over half of them coach football in our area. They don’t kneel when the the flag goes up, (It was flying before they arrived) Nor missed the beer cooler. A great day. I didn’t know about my motorhead friend until the next day or so. Perhaps the vaccine protected me from him?

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Experimental does not accurately describe the current available Covid vaccines in the USA.

The FDA and similar regulatory agencies approved the use of the vaccine considering the severity of the pandemic. Thank goodness they did. More people in the USA have died in the USA from this disease than died in wars in WW II, Korea and Vietnam. So, I think the emergency use was well founded.
If someone wants to wait until an official document from the FDA states that the Covid vaccine is safe, no problem. The approval for the vaccine for children takes longer. Meanwhile, please just wear a mask. If one doesn’t believe this is important just go visit any graveyard that’s been around for over a hundred years. You’'ll see children in the same family plot buried side by side who died at 2-12 years of age from diseases that are now prevented by vaccines.
Disclaimer: I got the vaccine for Covid. But I also got vaccines for polio, whooping cough, yellow fever to no ill effects. I did not get vaccinated for red measles [which almost killed my young self] because it was not available.
If one wants to roll the dice for oneself, fine. Get tested on a regular basis. But don’t roll the dice for other people by not taking precautions to prevent the spread of a disease that is as infectious as smallpox.


People don’t get the small pox vaccine anymore because it worked. Small pox has been eradicated.

Now, small pox only exists in frozen vials in reach labs and Russian armories. So there is no current need to get the small pox vaccine. I hope we still have the vaccine in case the Russians decide to give the small pox weapons to the North Koreans, Syria or the Taliban.

Polio was nearly extinct, until we started coddling so many antivaxxer idiots. Now there are occasional small outbreaks of polio.

Fasten your seatbelts, Covid is going to remain a big problem that limits our freedom and costs us a fortune in the US for the next two or three years. In large part because of all these antivaxxer shitheads.

In the Third World, Covid is going to be a major problem for at least a decade. Forget about retiring to Thailand or the Philippines.

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I disagree, respectfully. There is not antivaxxer problem in Thailand, Vietnam, Eastern Europe such as exists in the USA. In many other countries people are begging for the vaccine but it is not available. From personal experience I know a lot of people who want the vaccine but are put on waiting lists. Meanwhile Alabama destroyed about 65000 vaccines becaue they had expired and that is just one state. I heard recently from a friend in the Philippines. He said there was a rumor they had vaccines available at such and such an hour. Thousands lined up, but almost none got a vaccine. No supply. People are begging for vaccines. It is all about the money.


Yes. It’s not an antivaxxer problem in the Third World, it’s a vaccine supply problem, especially for vaccines that have to be kept very cold and be delivered to remote areas.

We will eventually flood Mexico and Latin America with vaccine because they are so close and the border is so porous.

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There hasn’t been a case of community spread polio in the U.S. since 1979. Worldwide there are far more cases of vaccine induced polio than wild polio, wild polio being limited to a few hundred cases in remote Pakistan and Afghanistan. You can go and look this up, although that doesn’t seem to be your strong suit.

Polio remains through a lack of hygiene and modem plumbing, the primary reason for it’s eradication in the first place, not ‘crazy antivaxxers’ . You are possibly thinking of measles.


Of course it does. They are all still in Phase 3 trials and the trials won’t be completed for several years. The control group was unblinded and given the option to take the vaccine, but the trial group will still be monitored for several years.

Experimental =! bad, and attempting to claim a medication still in phase 3 trials isn’t experimental is pointless and absurd. Lots of experimental drugs have saved lives in the past and these ones aren’t any different. Why they are subject to a constant effort to redefine words is puzzling.

It’s not possible to eradicate an endemic coronavirus through vaccination and why people seem to think that’s part of the goal of these medications is beyond me. The disease will attenuate if left to mutate on its own.


Then what is to goal?

Reduce death in the vulnerable. Coronaviruses have non-human reservoirs so even if you had a vaccine that provided sterilizing immunity eradication efforts would fail.

Smallpox, by comparison, only affects humans.

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Some of these comments remind me of the old 'Smokers Rights" debate. Smokers felt it was their civil right to contaminate the lungs of non-smokers. Perhaps MAK was one of those people. Sorry MAK not taking sides just giving a comparison.


Define “good”

I’ll wait.

Don’t you remember from last year???
“We need to flatten the curve. Just two weeks, thats all. We promise!”
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes … porous, thats a great word.

I wonder how/why it’s being forced upon American citizens to take the jab, but illegal aliens swarming across the border are not a concern of the current administration/leadership? How does that work?


How many have swarmed in the last few months? According to CBP?
It’s currently difficult to find an undocumented person in Florida to work for less than $100/day. Supply is apparently less than demand.


Another glaring example of the low education standards of some people.
You know nothing of which you speak.

Trying to call out people is such a childish thing. I do hope the water in your wading pool isn’t too deep.

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In AUSTRALIA our vaccine rollout has been appalling. The Government has done a very average job on this.

To date, our choices have been AstraZeneca and Pfizer and the misinformation, via social media and other outlets, on the side effects of AZ has been both hysterical and damaging.
There were good supplies of AZ although many people shied away from it until recently. Pfizer has always been in short supply. The figures are now beginning to speak for themselves. Currently, 97% of COVID ICU patients are unvaccinated and the entire state of NSW is under lockdown. Our small business economy is being crucified.
It is now apparent that a fully vaccinated individual can still catch the virus and transmit it although symptoms, in the majority, will be fairly mild and so will generally preclude them from hospital admission. So, we will never rid ourselves of this virus but should be able to manage it. In the meantime, vaccine efficacy should improve.
Stay well colleagues.


poor government that chose not to spend on vaccines but have lost 10’s of billions from the result of not having everyone vaccinated.
Not to mention for those countries with free healthcare have their ICU’s full of people not vaccinated, like DOH

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If they worked and are safe, why run huge ad campaigns, mandates, or incentives? If they worked and are safe, why block, censor, or threaten those that question or have been adversely affected? If they worked and are safe, why the need for boosters?