On a tank ship as an AB where would i stand as a utilityman…is it a crossover from OS - AB:cool:

Vicvanaxel is right on this one that it depends on your company and if it’s union or non-union. At Crowley a few years back the company wanted to classify some that way and if I recall it was just a way to get the cooks to work the barge after feeding everyone. I could put you in line sort of as a roust-a-bout type who does many tasks depending on the vessels needs. If you are not afraid to work my bet is you should get some good OT as well.

thank you that would be good…i will take any suggestions ,and run with it. I haven’t worked in 14+ months so i’m pretty sure i haven’t forgotten how to work yet. I have yet to find any part of working as a Merchant Marine even remotly close to Commercial fishing in New England during the witer time…GEORGE’S BANK AND I WAS THERE FOR OVER 20 YEARS. But what i’m asking is a utility man getting deck seatime to go towards any deck licensing.