USS Fitzgerald Editorial - gCaptain has stirred the hornets nest


Oh you’re very much wrong with that assesment Chief. The Admiral is backing up precisely the correct tree if he wants a cushy board of directors gig from whatever private industry corporation gets the multimillion $ conteact to “fix” the problem!


Smells like hot horse shit to me!


Unfortunately this is more true than a lot of people like to admit. The problem isn’t lack of info or technology, it’s just an outright lack of people knowing wtf they’re doing.

Full disclosure, I’m not even a full time bridge watchstander, and I find myself correcting the bridge way more than I probably should have to, considering my actual job on the ship. I’ve been taking and passing the COLREGs test for a few years now and that’s about the extent of my professional knowledge of navigation outside my job(I do have a large general interest), and some of the shit I’ve had to bring up that should be super basic just astounds me.


Agree 100%. The point I was making was access to an inexpensive common fixture on most commercial vessels and a bit of rudimentary training could have prevented this accident (no need for the military industrial complex to reinvent this wheel). Unfortunately we both know how this is going to go down. Like I said before, all that coin the USN saved on “training” might buy a toilet seat on the ships they are gonna rebuild.


We are in violent agreement then. It sure sounds like the loss of these skills was a long time in the making. In my experience those sort of things don’t usually lend themselves to quick fixes. If the analysis presented in the article is correct about a whole generation in command is also lacking these skills well, they are putting even more sailors lives at risk. How do you undo that? With 17 sailors just recently deceased I would hope the top navy brass’ focus is squarely on the improvements needed and taking the actions where 20% of the effort get you 80% of the results. Like some of the things suggested in this and other threads, not putting out RFQ’s and blue ribbon commissions, and phase 1 studies. Like Jon has said where is their surface warfare ship driving “champion” to throw some jargon at it, their Boyd?