Looks like Harvey Gulf International just put their name on a Sprint Cup car! The USMM have a voice in professional sports.

Looks like we know where your canceled raises went.

The pictures aren’t coming through on the iPad app. Does it have a picture of Shane on the hood?

Talk about pissing money away. Racing is a billboard for consumer products, work boats are not consumer products. I’m guessing in some twisted logic of his Shane must be thinking this will get his name in front of potential investors for when he goes public, but do wall street hedge fund guys really watch NASCAR?

Just reminds me of the joke.
How to you make a small fortune?
Have a large fortune and start a race team.

Still following in Gary’s footsteps I see.

I’ll just leave this here…

We had a local car dealer find that out. The Little Joe’s Autos #91 I think several years ago.