User Error - Oven owners experienced their ovens turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Not a particularly interesting article so much but shows how the term “user error” can cover a lot of ground including an error prone user interface.

a few June Oven owners experienced their ovens turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and higher without their knowledge. The company said the preheats were the result of user error — effectively people accidentally triggering their ovens without realizing it. The company planned two updates to address the issue, and it now says it’s moving up the timeline for those releases; the interface updates announced today are additional measures.

Imagine 'butt dialing" your oven.

the company says the June app for iOS will no longer open to the “Oven” tab by default, which is where people can adjust their temperature and cook settings. Instead, it’ll open to a Cookbook tab. Also, when someone chooses to preheat their oven, a temperature and cook mode will need to be selected to start the preheat session,

I also have a healthy distrust of all those household equipments which you can remotely control. Turning on the heating and the oven from the office so that you enter a warm house later and the chicken is then cooked to perfection. If I can turn these things on, including the lights, then any hacker can do this. Think before you surrender your house to the internet…


Not only that, some appliances can send tweets:

Tweet-capable Appliances



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For us, old men, this clearly exceeds our imagination.
At least here, the youngest of today, rather out of common sense, seem to do well…

All fine and dandy until the refrigerator gets jealous of the attention the toaster is getting and starts to burn your toast.


Speaking of things aimed for the Youngs (as opposed to my cohort, the Olds), check out the pedal labels on the VW concept electric dune buggy:





I installed a WiFi enabled programmable thermostat for my daughter in-law. She liked the ability to change the settings remotely. I really don’t think it saved that much in way of energy costs but she thought it did.

I have that, they’re tired into my security system and I love it. I can check the thermostats while on the other floor or away from home.