USCG Missing Illustrations

Help! Missing illustrations from practice Exam software/NMC/USCG website. Is there a location to see images that are NOT available on USCG website?
Contacted NMC and a superviser stated they were removed because it was all math equations that we should know the formula to… I’d said: “Wrong”! how is GS-RA-0012 is NOT a formula/math question.

Illustration GS-RA-12x

I see you’re using mariner advancement. It was great when I took my 3 a/e, but this go around for 1 a/e it needs to be updated. ML prep app is good for matching up these missing diagrams. It can be used free and I’ve been using it for matching up missing diagrams.

Mariner advancement should update, I’ve been tagging a few questions and plan on emailing the guy who makes it.

Please do so. Joe is a great guy. Do you have “other images”?


Several questions about this one.

I’ll look at my “Missing diagrams” tonight and try and get them matched up better.

Thanks Man!

Emailed Joe at MA, He said he can’t update until he’s gotten permission from every publisher. So there’s my image dump for the day. I’ll have to go back and write out the illustration number for the benefit of anyone googling.

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@CDJ Post any you still need.

Seasources has some diagrams.

All of the latest sample Engine Room questions have now been added to the online study database. From all of those I have extracted 286 new questions that previously did not exist and 181 new or updated graphics in all. I have separated the new questions out into a category of their own under (“Latest” NMC Sample Engineer Examinations 9_10_18) in the sub category of (New questions found from 9_10_18 samples.) I strongly suggest that if you are currently studying for any Engine Room endorsement that you take the time to go through these newly posted questions.