USCG - How to move files from one REC to another?

Hi Folks,<br>I would like to move my files from one REC (Portland) to another (Seattle). I called Portland and left a message asking about how to do this, but haven’t heard anything from them. Can any of you provide any insight as to what it takes to get this done. I am planning (hoping) on submitting my initial license package in Dec. - is this enough time to move the files…<br>All the best,<br>MTSkier

Everything is centralized. There is nothing to move. Go to any REC and drop off your application and get fingerprinted…the application is evaluated at NMC.

You can send your application to Hawaii, get fingerprinted in Seattle, and test in Boston if that’s convenient for you.

Just apply at any REC. With centralization at NMC you are no longer bound to do everything at the same REC where your file is, nor do you havre to get the file moved. As noted above, everything is recorded in a central database, and you can apply at one REC test at another, etc.<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br>

This just in:<br><br>In a move described by some as unheard of for the normally slow-moving government bureaucracy, NMC yesterday took the hint from <a title=“GoogleHealth” target="_blank" href=“]GoogleHealth, Google’s new cloud computing medical records on-line database, and introduced <strong>GoogleNMC</strong>, a records database tool for mariners who have made at least one initial application and who have a minimum 56k dial-up internets connection. <br><br>When you click on <a title=“GoogleNMC” target=”_blank" href=“]GoogleNMC, you’ll be asked to enter your mariner number and SSN on an unsecured registration page. After verifying your information by cross-checking it with your bank account numbers, you’ll be granted access to your credentials file. This online file database allows you to view and edit the contents of your file, especially those important items such as physicals, sea time letters, and tonnage limitations. Once finished, you’ll be redirected to a page that strongly suggests that you take advantage of an opportunity to fill out a customer satisfaction survey, the <a title=“Results” target=”_blank" href=“]results of which will be made available in a future issue of the <a title=“WAVE newsletter” target=”_blank" href=“]WAVE newsletter. At that point you can <a target=”_blank" href="]exit and go about your business, knowing that your file is safe and secure in the hands of Google and NMC.<br><br>Your tax dollars at work, in a productive way for once.

Hello,<br>Thanks all, and yes I do realize that the REC’s are being centralized in Martinsburg, WV. One of the goals of moving my records was to be able to review them prior to submitting my package. Short of going to WV is this possible?<br>For anyone else that was looking for the performance spreadsheet that was mentioned above, I think it’s here:<br><br>Thanks,<br>MTSkier

<P>mtskier,<br>I’m pretty sure you can go into any REC and they can print out a record of your sea service - that is all in a centralized database. Was that the “record” you were wanting to review? <br>Perhaps Mr. Cavo can elaborate…</P>

The only sea service in the database is from certificates of discharge – that’s what happens to them after you’re signed off. If your service isn’t on a discharge, it won’t be in the database. RECs will transfer a file to NMC when an application is received, I don’t know what the process is to look at what’s in the file. Try <A href="]</A> <br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br><A href="]</A>