US towing rules delayed

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US towing rules delayed[/B]
01 Dec 2009

THE US Department of Homeland Security is further delaying release of its long-awaited new rules on towing inspection.

A notice on the new rules for towing vessel inspection had originally been expected to be published by the US Coast Guard for comment in April, but it has been tied up at Homeland Security.

Department spokeswoman Sara Kuban told Fairplay that the proposed rules are “under development through the standard DHS process. The process to finalise a rule is a thorough one, and it can take time to finalise any rule, particularly significant rules.”

The American Waterways Operators has pushed for new rules on towing inspection to make it fairer for companies that invest in safety and inspection processes above current requirements.

However, one tug operator told Fairplay that additional requirements could increase costs and force it to increase rates.