Upgrade without testing

A guy I know says he got his upgrade from DDE 4000 500ton to Chief limited 5000 hp 1600 ton without testing through Houston Tx regional exam center and NMC? I said he was full of it. He insisted he didn’t have to test. Anyone know about this Unicorn?


He has been working as an Oiler
With his DDE 4000 on ferry boats only, never as engineer🧐

I’d ask to see his mmd to prove it. Maybe he has chief OSV and is confused, or somehow he got an evaluator who let him fall thru the cracks…

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It wouldn’t be falling through cracks. It would be a conscious act to not require an exam. Once an application is approved for a specific endorsement, the system spits out a draft test letter with all the modules. The evaluator has to go and delete the modules that don’t apply either because you took a course instead of the exam, or are sitting for other licenses at the same time. The default is tes modules, the endorsements, the evaluator deletes modules, they don’t add them.

Wish my modules would have been deleted.

So it’s possible to bypass the test for upgrade?

This guy has never been past the sea bouy.

To my knowledge that issue doesn’t pertain to engine licenses. Someone will chime in if it does.