Upgrade question

So my last employer has ghosted. I have enough sea service to get my 50 ton. Would it make more sense just to get my 50 then upgrade within a year and a half. I don’t wanna fib on my mmc app. Any thoughts yall
Thanks in advance.

Upgrade to what, and what does it mean that your “last employer has ghosted?” You have given nowehere near enoguh information for any credible response.

My employer has ghosted aka gone away without notice no way to co tact him. I was applying for my 100 Ton USCG license but without his sea service I can only get my 50 ton

It sounds like getting 50 GRT now might bebest, you can go to 100 GRT on just sea service, no exam. However, you’d have to apply again, so that means another fee, and depending on how long after, another drug test (since it appears your lasteemployer can’t give you the random testing prgram letter).

From the Urban Dictionary:


Pronunciation: GOES·Ted
Verb: When someone you love disappears without explanation.
Then your friends and family act like your crazy.

See also; lack of closure, stonewalled, narcissist discard, gaslighted

Hey man, how’s Michelle?? I don’t know, she ghosted me.

That explains my confusion. I tolerate my employer a necessary evil, I wouild not say that I love them.


Well, it seems the feeling is universal about your employer then.

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It seems the feelings are mutual.

That was yet another unforced Trump error.

Bill Clinton was right about one thing: “it’s the economy, stupid.” It’s still just the economy stupid. Trump just needs to shut up, keep his head down, and stick to what he is doing well, cutting taxes and regulations, and the hiring freeze. Let the swamp sort the rest of it out, or not. Most of it doesn’t matter.

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