Unlicensed being paid more than licensed?!

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Let me know if they are hiring for licensed engineers, no shame in my game turning valves for the right kind of money :rofl:


Sign a pledge card.


Unfortunately the pay for the chief still isnt where other companies have placed their pay for chief. But he is overall content although wishes there was a pay bump for himself too.

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Sign pledge card and make your boat a union boat. Problem solved.


Majority of the boat doesn’t want to go union, worse medical and no 401k match. I’ve never cared for unions much myself had been in mmp while at another company and when laid off for my 3rd time that year they told me they couldn’t help me get a different job. The chief would also make less money. So he is definitely against it.

I guess you can go on eating what you’re served then?


It sounds like the company might spend the same per employee just in different ways.


Medical and 401K are income too. Just sayin…


Nothing unusual about a company paying more on its union boats.

Nothing unusual about a company paying union rates (or a little better) on non-union boats to keep the union out. However, the benefits may not be as good as with the union.

I recall a company that pays the mates, tankermen, and engineer, all the same day rate.

In general, tugboat ABs are overpaid compared to the officers.

This is especially true for AB/Tankermen. There is no surplus of good AB/Tankermen in the labor pool.

There are lots of mates with minimal tugboat experience and skills that are not worthy of a big paycheck. Some captains too.


They pay may similar per person at the end of the day that is true, but with most companies they have a decent gap between a bunker boat and an offshore boat salary wise. The boat I’m on operates on the east coast, and the same size boat and barge under the same company makes more money on the west coast with longer time between runs plus the addition of shore side tankerman and office support when needed.

The union boats are the ones being paid higher in this scenario even though the company does not want us to go union. A lead tankerman on the union boats is $45 more than a second mate on the non union tugboat, the second mate stands a watch as well as tanks at the dock. The chief mate pay is also $50 difference than the mate pay on the union boats and ever since their genius idea to remove the deckhand from the non union boat and went to a 6 man crew also has to tank the barge in port

Both coasts? That has to be Crowley, Kirby, Harley, or Vane. Who did I leave out?

Does Crowley do any bunkering? Does Vane have any union boats? Kirby?

Harley has both union and non-union boats.

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Harley is the company, soon to be “Centerline Logistics”

I was wondering what was going on at Harley.

I take it that Harley finally got forced completely out and the Aussies are selling the company?

Centerline Logistics, as in the Center Point Terminals?

Who owns CenterLine Logistics?


So your complaint is that union workers make better money, but you don’t wish to join a union, but want the wages the union fought for.


Which union are you referring to? Harley has SIU and IBU.

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Is Harley NY’s union SIU or MMP Inland-Atlantic?

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Centerline appears to be a trucking company and temp agency for truck drivers.

If that’s the case, Centerline and Harley look like a match made in Hell.


I believe the NY division is SIU may be wrong though.

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