Understanding China

It’s about credibility. You suggest we shouldn’t trust people who at no fault of their own were born in Hong Kong & people interviewed by Fox News. I was raised around a lot bigotry, racism & xenophobia. I learned very quickly not to trust people who practiced those philosophies. The BBC reported on systematic rape, torture, murder & forced sterilization by the Chinese government because of their national policy of rape, torture, murder, forced sterilization & genocide against Muslims in their country. The BBC was kicked out of China for reporting on it. So in your opinion as a credibility judge, should I trust the BBC?

I know proud Chinese people who say we shouldn’t trust the US government under any circumstances.
PS> I also know Americans that say the same.

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Crocodile Dundee’s faithful best mate?

I agree with that, I’m one if them most times.

What about the BBC & all those other people who claim China is orchestrating genocide & torture in concentration camps against their Muslims? Do you believe it?

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This debate started with a video showing a Honkey shouting his approval of Trump and his disdain for China. (presumably meaning the Chinese Government)
BBC did not make the video, nor did it have anything to do with the situation in Xingjian. That is a different discussion altogether.
I have no idea what he may think about Xingjian, or Muslims in general.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. An educated, articulate, progressive European ignoring & downplaying a modern day genocide. Who would of thunk it?

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Oh wow! Another deflection! Definitely didn’t see that one coming!

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He tells use not to trust 7.5 million “Hongkies” because of where they were born & how they are dressed. Then he says we shouldn’t trust the most watched cable news channel in the US but completely ignores one of the most trusted news organizations on the planet being kicked out of China over evidence of things as heinous as genocide, torture & rape? The name of the thread is, “Understanding China” for Pete’s sake.

I now understand China more than I did before if this is how their biggest supporter on this forum thinks of genocide, torture & rape. “Just ignore it.”

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Have you considered going into politics?

Have you considered not deflecting?

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I could never do it. I don’t have the talents of ignoring the obvious & deflecting direct questions, things needed to be a successful politician. I also have the weak character traits of showing compassion & empathy over things as gruesome as genocide, rape & torture.

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You are under estimating your own abilities. I think being able to mix “oil and water” is a useful thing for a politician.

Hong Kong and Xingjian is two different places with little in common, except that they are both part of China.

Library of Vine and BBC is also two very different things, with little in common.
How you manage to mix them is beyond me. (Unless you have political ambitions, that is)

You’re overestimating your own abilities. You have a response to every post in this thread and act like you’re some sort of expert on the entire country yet cannot even spell the largest (land-wise) region of the country. Xinjiang. It’s on the title of the links provided which you have ignored. It’s on the news almost daily at this point.

Hong Kong and Xinjiang have much more in common. A large % of both populations want nothing to do with China. Both regions suffer from laws designed to decimate and subdue the populations. Both regions are either “autonomous” or “special administrative” yet are not treated as such.

Here’s a link you won’t read: Hong Kong Protesters Rally in Solidarity With China's Uighur Muslims

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That’s just the first place I found the video. This wasn’t a Vine thing - whatever Vine is other than a low rent youtube I guess?

There’s no easy way to ask this question: Are you autistic / have aspergers?

Ohh heaven forbid, did I misspelled the name?? I promise it it will (probably) NOT happen again.
Expert on China?? No, but at least I don’t just regurgitate Western media reports and propaganda. I do read FP at times and even watch you favourite new channel, Fox News

BTW; The peaceful demonstration in HK on 22. Dec.2019 that you refer to was hijacked by nationalists who started to throw things at the police:

Oh so if I tell you how I have personal experience in the region and specifically with this genocide you’ll believe what I have to say? What news stories would you like me to post? Some Xinhua propaganda bullshit that does more deflection than you do? I haven’t posted one article from Fox News, nor is it “my favorite news channel.” Maybe stop making assumptions based on your own ridiculous superiority complex.

Again, all you’ve really done is deflect because you’re either an idiot or a coward. Potentially both.

Iceberg, Goldberg, same thing.


Please tell and I’ll let you know if I believe what you say.

I’m neither. What about you?

This entire argument about China is out of hand and I will ignore it from now on. I know China will soon over take the USA as the number one economy in the world. I also know they are trying to colonize parts of Asia much as the USA and Britain did 100 years ago. We know that China has been and is now likely guilty of numerous human rights violations just as the USA and many other countries are guilty of now in their own and other countries.
I also know the Chinese as a people have survived for many more centuries than any nation I am aware of and they have endured many hardships along that journey. The saying “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” comes to mind when I think of the Chinese. It would behoove all people in all nations to negotiate with the Chinese. But do so from a mercantilist stand point with a very long view. The Chinese are traders and have been for thousands of years and they drive a hard bargain but are not stupid. Military conflict on a large scale with the Chinese would be mutual suicide.
There is a LOT of things I do not like about China’s government but I for the most part enjoyed my time there when I visited. Kinda like most developed countries but I did miss Google.

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That was once one of my favorite jokes.