Understanding China

And to use an I-phone means that you are safe from data theft?
BTW:I just bought a Huawei phone, should I worry that someone in China is listening and watching everything I say or do on it?
I don’t think there will be seeing advertisements for everything I may search for, or look at because Huawei don’t sell such info. (Unless I use Google of course)

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safer with iphone as they dont have a business model of advertising which relies on taking your phone traffic to sell to those advertisers.

Yes agreed a Huawei is for the gov to keep tabs on people in China just like the online payment systems and no doubt the facial recognition everywhere

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If I understand this right both Huawei and Apple are suppliers of phones made from largely the same parts made in several countries and assembled in China, with operating systems and software from largely the same sources. They make their profit from selling their products worldwide, not from selling date about people to advertisers for business purposes, or to others that may use it for political or even criminal purposes.

Today’s reality is that you are tracked everywhere you go and whatever you do.
I don’t know what is most “dangerous” or annoying, whether it is being tracked by private companies or official government agencies but I cannot think of any way to avoid it.

Even if you don’t carry a smartphone, use the internet or any other means of electronic communication, you are not safe from tracking. Use a credit card or other means of electronic payment, drive a car or travel by bus, rail, air or sea and your movement can and will be tracked by someone somewhere.

As long as you keep on the right side of the law and don’t have anything to hide it is just not worth spending a lot of time worrying about it.

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Sure, if you are lucky enough to live in a country where the “law” is relatively benevolent towards you.

However, from a citizenship perspective your position cedes everything to those who might subjugate you.

yes agreed
not sure about huawei’s business model and what happens inside china?
Huawei used android operating system but now have their own…?
Apple use their own and dont license to anyone
Android from google is the one to worry about as googles business model is advertising

If you have got nothing to hide then you’ve got nothing to fear…
Yeah right!

My new Huawei Y9s, which I received yesterday has Google Android operating system, dual SIM and triple cameras.
I’m still trying to configure for my liking and learn all the functions (half of which i’ll probably newer use)

I’m luck enough to live and have lived in countries with the Rule of Law; Norway and Singapore.
I may have broken some laws at times (who hasn’t) but nothing serious enough to worry anybody.
I have never felt any threat from the authorities in either country, although Singapore is known for strict enforcement.
I don’t agree with all and everything that is done by politicians anywhere, but as long as you feel safe and free you can live with some idiotic rules.

PS> In the last 25 years or more I have had no unpleasant experiences when travelling and working in China either. In the 1960-70s yes it was different.

I have a Huawei P20 Pro. Love the dual SIM and cameras are nice. Tough phones that even I have not broken yet. Price was right and has Android OS and get regular updates. Never could justify an over priced iPhone, they live on hype and as far as security goes? If one thinks having either an android or iOS will keep your government from tracking you and spying on you one is naive. BOTH systems sell your data too.

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AFAIK, the troubles around Huawei are not about their cell phones, but about the national networks, once a reserved software and hardware domain of Cisco, Motorola, Nokia and Ericson.

Some countries, like Germany, think to let install their new 5G-network by Huawei.
An efficient control of these installations seems impossible; a sort of blackbox.

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Are you speaking on behalf of “Germany and countries like that” or just guessing?
Are you sure that Nokia and Erickson are not being used by Russia through some back channels, or CISCO and Motorola are not being force to spy on behalf of any one of the 17 US intelligence agencies?

PS> Add Facebook, Google and several other social media and software companies to that last question. DON’T BE NAIVE.

I never speak ‘on behalf’ of citizens of a really, not only nominal, democratic state, they elected their government to do this. The German government did it: It said, they were ‘thinking’ to choose Huawei for the 5G national network…

They are still thinking… with the troubles about the Baltic Sea gas pipeline they became prudent with their ‘friend’ on the other side of the Pond… They recall their problems with Ronald Reagan’s boycott, around 1980, of the Soviet’s oil pipeline to Germany.

As for the state intelligence, I am not an expert. However, if I had the choice, I would prefer by far to see my country to be spied by a real democracy…

did you notice when the Huawei phone was installing its software from new the part where it asks you to agree to let some chinese 3rd party company take data off your phone?

Yes I did and I opted out.
Not because some of the 3rd parties may be Chinese but because I don’t write “blank cheques”.

The singpore sold phones didnt allow opt out.
Took mine back and they said lots coming back due to this

Purchased in S’pore but used Norway as registration country.

If you want to know who is spying on you and buying information from your internet usage you could always ask the proprietor of this forum who pays him and does he know for sure what country they are from? Likely not. The money to be made by having a website comes from many anonymous sources laundered thru many different parties. Lockheed Martin I trust about as much as I do the Chinese government with my information but if you sign on to the internet you agree either implicitly or by proxy to be spied upon. Though the EU passed laws to curtail this you have to read the fine print and go thru a convoluted process to opt out. In the USA you have little protection from tracking When monopolies rule the internet and your government you either go along or do without.That is just the way things are.

I use duck duck go via firefox and have a trackmenot bot running that really f*ked up the use of my data. Google sent a complaint 10 minutes later ha, so I know it works.
I get close to zero adds.

WP has an interesting article about the “surveillance apocalypse” we all live in:

This is of course seen from an American perspective, but much the same applies anywhere, incl. in China.

I registered my Huawei phone as “home ported” in Norway because that give at least a semblance of privacy under EU/EEA rules.

just had a conversation with an apple IT guy in security , he said any item that comes off an apple phone the owner has agreed to.
For tech data its doent take any owner data so they cant do anything with it relative to a user.
He is a new recruit, says was impressed how they guard privacy