Ukrainian B737 shot down at Tehran - Final Report

As many forum members have relations to aircrafts, this may be interesting:

On January 9, 2020, the Boeing 737 from Tehran to Kiev was shot down, shortly after departure, by the Iranians.
The Iranian final investigation report is published.

Flightradar24 writes >>>
“Both Ukraine and Canada took the unusual step of criticizing the report, with Ukraine saying that its ‘does not reveal the root causes of the tragedy or the chain of actions that led to it.’ For its part, Canada says the report says ‘what happened, but doesn’t address the why.”

Flightradar24’s comments >>>

Direct access to the Final Report - English version begins at page 140 >>>

Per the translated summary.

“The accident aircraft was misidentified by the air defense unit in the
suburbs of Tehran and, consequently, two missiles were launched toward

So…they goofed. It sort of seems surprisingly candid.