Hope they will go back very soon.

Further to my previous comment I think below would be a jar of sweet honey for those with strong anti-Russian sentiments. At the end of the video is a strong criticism of Prof Mearsheimer views and theories and his alleged realism.

Interesting discussion from the very heart of Russian " hate-ism" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And of course an added value for those who will bother to listen /watch the clip.

The book .

(85) Failed State: A Guide to Russia’s Rupture | Janusz Bugajski - YouTube

Russias-Rupture-MS-full-text-Final-web.pdf (


The Risks of U.S. Military Assistance to Ukraine • Stimson Center

If “General Mud” was considered Putin’s biggest enemy and Ukraine’s only ally, then why some think , that 60 T tanks and other heavy hardware from US stock will be now lighter then air .

“Jesus heals a blind man with mud” -so i’ve heard

(103) The Galloway Show #23 - YouTube

Are russian youth claiming ayslum in the Ukraine now to avoid the draft?