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I have no idea, not my business what he wears or who he decides to share his private parts with. His claim to be a Christian atheist I found most humorous, what’s that supposed to mean? If all his dreams came true he’d be among the first to be tossed into the oven. :grinning:

The link below may shed some light why He calls himself " Christian atheist" . The ‘Christian Atheist’. What would it take for Douglas Murray to believe in God? | Erik Strandness (

An interesting article in WAPO about Russia’s plunging birthrate, which seems to be tied to the Ukraine war. Putin is offering money for mothers to have more children, but if history is a guide it won’t help much…

From article:
"Russia’s population, now estimated at less than 145 million, is in decline because of low birthrates and an aging populace — issues not unique to Russia but afflicting a number of developed countries.
As such, Putin has long sought to boost Russian birthrates.

In June, he called Russia’s demographic situation “extremely difficult” and called for “drastic” measures in response. Last year, he lamented that “there are not enough working hands” in the country with the biggest landmass in the world.

In the first six months of 2022, 6.3 percent fewer children were born in Russia than in the same period a year earlier, Russia’s RBC outlet reported, citing data from Rosstat, a government statistics agency."

The guy isn’t well grounded.

Sparking controversy

It’s been an issue in Russia for quite some time and is considered by Putin to be Russias Achilles Heel. “Decolonization of Russia” is official name of the strategy that seeks to exploit it.

From the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe:

This guy does fairly frequent analysis on the progress of the war and uses both Russian and Western maps.

One must observe with regret , that according to main sewage media with CNN leading the pack , the Ukrainians are advancing by retreating and the Russians are retreating while advancing, decimated by the wonder weapons . Quite original picture indeed. Hence, may I suggest some alternative news joints offering somewhat different perspective and which enjoy quite a large number of viewers.

  1. (40) The Duran - YouTube

  2. (40) Alex Christoforou - YouTube

  3. (40) Alexander Mercouris - YouTube

enjoy and cheers.

Interested in old salts opinion about below material.

(40) Will The UN’s Ukraine Grain Deal Fail? - YouTube

Mercouris is a former lawyer disbarred in Britain for lying. He then went to work for Sputnik, formerly called the Voice of Russia. So, a known liar working for the propaganda arm of the Russian government. I should listen to him because…??

He and the other guy work for the same website which obviously has no journalistic standards, otherwise they wouldn’t hire characters better employed writing episodes for Better Call Saul.
(By the way I don’t watch any cable or tv news. It’s meth for outrage junkies.)


Russians in Kirkenes demonstrate against the war in Ukraine:

But on Victory Day (9th May) other Russians staged pro-war rampage:

I used to watch “Headline News” that CNN had. Anywhere in the world I could click on it and in 30 minutes be caught up on what was happening in the world, no opinions or talking heads just the basics but Headline News couldn’t survive. Back before the 24 news channels there was 30 minutes of local news and 30 minutes of world news because that’s basically all there is to report.


Sanctions starts to bite in Russia. Looking east MAY be the solution since it is not sure that the west will trust Russia again, even if/when the Ukraine war ends:

The economist warns that Russian economy could end up in “a full-blown disaster as early as in 2024−2025.” end quote.

Until that time there will be no Economist and nobody in the collective woke west who will be able to celebrate this great victory as they will die of cold and lack of food.

Meantime in USA…

Then keep dreaming. :joy:

Meantime :


Then think about it:

(61) Time to move to Russia? Moscow releases controversial video - YouTube

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You know how to pick’em:

Source: Paul Joseph Watson - DeSmog


You bet I do :joy:

And here are your fact checkers:

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Y’all crack me up sometimes

Just another clickbait article (podcast?) Full of simplifications, distortions, and illogical or unrealistic theories.

First of all “package deal” related to the export of Ukraine and Russian agro-products include three separate agreement. Two of them are identical and signed separately by Ukraine and Russia with Turkey under UN auspices. The third one is the memorandum of unimpeded exports of Russian foodstuff and fertilizers agreed upon between the UN and Russia. All of them have been negotiated by the UN, not by IMO. Although IMO is an agency of the United Nations, it has no authorization for such negotiations. I don’t know what was the role of the USCG admiral in the negotiations but the USA, NATO or any other country or organization is not a party to that agreement.

And now in short to these ten high-profile points of marine specialist :slight_smile:

  1. Irrelevant information and mostly off-topic. The negotiators wanted only to enable the export of grain and fertilizers.

A Ukrainian emigrant does not flee by sea. Odessa is not Tunisia, the Black Sea is not Mediterranean and Greece is not Lampedusa. Pointing out sea transport as an escape route for Ukrainians is ridiculous.

  1. As above, part of this agreement is only intended to help export grain from Ukraine’s three largest ports, and to obtain this deal, the UN had to conclude a memorandum with Russia.

  2. This is really funny. Not even a CNN journalist made any mention of the box ships when presenting the Black Sea Grain Deal but a “marine specialist” did. Anyway, bulk cargo is the simplest sector of sea transport and I have never heard of a tonnage shortage in this sector.

  3. I completely don’t understand this point.

Is it wrong that the whole operation is to take place on healthy free trade principles? Sea transport is based on very clear rules and I hope it will continue to be so. Laycan or demurrage is based on Charter Party and not on the indication of MarineTraffic.

Grain Code compliance is essential, but pointing to the hygroscopic of grain as the cause of marine casualty is a great exaggeration.

  1. This point also contains very strange theories.

First of all, it is a war and the agreement between the parties concerned only concerns the transport of selected agricultural products. None of the parties to the conflict agreed to the cessation of war or the active participation of a third party.

The TurkStrem or BlueStrem is not an “LNG pipeline” and talking about other kinds of ships or worse, NATO and US Navy is pointless and can be very dangerous. This agreement will only work when both parties to the conflict depend on it. In any other situation, the lives of innocent seafarers will be in danger, and no warships will change it.

  1. Guess everyone has heard about the shortage of seafarers but who will confirm lay-up ship due to lack of crew? It all depends on the money and whether it is the standard ITF contracts or the rules of the MLC convention, they very precisely regulate the rules of employing crews on ships operating in “warlike and high-risk areas”.

I’m not sure what the author meant by MARSEC. I also do not know why this term is used in the official JCC procedure. Anyway, this is quite an interesting issue for me. And I would be very grateful if someone would explain to me what MARSEC Level 3 is supposed to be and how long it is to be in force on the vessel “cleared to proceed”.

  1. And again the author wrongly refers to IMO and information supposedly provided by this agency.

Of course, these trips will take more time than a “normal” voyage but why are standard port operations mentioned as a potential delay? And completely misleading is the claim that a ship must be deballasted during a stop at The Turkish Inspection Area. The crew just needs to follow the Ballast Water Management Plan, simple like that.

And once again, I don’t know what, when, and why the admiral of the US Navy said, but the seafarers will be safe as long as no warships will protect them, true paradox.

  1. It is not about famine, but about the sea transport of as much of the grain and other agricultural produce as possible. But the reference to air transport is ridiculous and talking about fuel and tankers is off-topic.

  2. Is marine insurance expensive? Of course, it is expensive. This war is expensive as well and everybody should know that. Therefore all this operation is based on commercial principles. The UN, NATO, or US Navy-protected program will be even more expensive.

  3. There is nothing to comment on, but the system works and as of 27 August, the first million metric tons of grain and other foodstuffs were moved from three Ukrainian ports.

Is it a lot, of course not. Could there be more, probably yes? But we must remember that this is a deal between two warring parties.

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Please do not bother to reveal who Oliver Stone is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: