Finland - a historic part of the Russian empire. In 1809 most of what is now Finland was liberated from the indifferent Swedish king. This new state, the Grand Duchy of Finland, was an autonomous region of Russia until the people voted for independence in 1917 after the collapse of the Russian empire during the first World War.

Therefore shouldn’t Finland reunite with Russia like Taiwan must reunite with China? One would think that all this NATO expansion talk by Finland’s leaders only show how irresponsible these rebels are to history.

What happened to that “Understanding China” thread? Why have our lessons on China ended? I’m interested to hear more about the reuniting of Taiwan with China, how sanctions and tariffs are a violation of Chinese sovereignty and the arrogance of the West for not accepting the inevitable rise of glorious China.

Instead we only get anti-Russian stuff.


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According to the Treaty of Shimonoseki one could possibly argue Japan has a claim to that island. :thinking: The point being “historical claims” should be viewed with some skepticism.


Did the sinking of the cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea immediately become the sinking of Admiral Igor Osipov? Speculation in the British media about the fate of the admiral, who has not been heard of since the sinking of his flagship on April 14, has only increased after Victory Day (9 May).

Admiral Osipov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Black Sea Fleet, was expected to inspect the traditional troop parade in Red Square, but was conspicuously absent. That is already considered strange by The Mirror, but Osipov’s name was also on the list of senior officers at the Fleet Day on May 7, but was quickly removed again. And that concerned the Black Sea Fleet Day, his own fleet…

Officially it is said that the admiral is ‘at his post’, but after earlier speculations about his arrest immediately after the debacle with the Moskva, this reading is also taken with a large grain of salt.

In Kiev, the possibility is now being considered that Admiral Osipov was aboard the Moskva when it was hit by two Ukrainian missiles and eventually sank, writes The Mirror.

Translations can be interpreted in so many different ways. What the Kremlin meant to say is that the admiral is now stripped of his impressive uniform and tied naked to a post in a seldom visited part of Siberia

There has been a marked increase of imports of posts and post hole diggers to Russia recently.


If the Moskva was his post then perhaps he is still at his post, sleeping with the fishies.


Exporting oil to the Middle East sounds a bit like “Coal to Newcastle”:

But it is bunker fuel, which is in short supply worldwide.

Because the UN allows precedents of military slaughtering innocent civilians for sport? How come it’s bad in the Ukraine, and good elsewhere?

What do you mean by elsewhere?

Could mean lots of places. Syria for one, where we occupy the country east of the Euphrates River, uninvited.

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I’m not giving the US a pass. I believe the invasion of Iraq was a huge blunder from start to finish but the conduct of US troops there and in Syria in no way compares with the wholesale incidents of assassinations, rapes and thefts by Russian troops on the ground and air attacks on non combatants, hospitals and schools in Ukraine.

I guess you didn’t read the he wiki. Putin has a long way to go before he’s killed as many civilians in Ukraine as we have in Iraq, let alone Libya, Syria, Somalia, Niger, Mali, etc, etc…

BTW you are giving the US a pass.

Don’t be obtuse. You know I was talking about the behavior of US grunts as opposed with the way Russian troops get their kicks.

From the wiki

“ The U.S. aircraft dropped two bombs on a crowd of people, mostly women and children who were trying to escape the fighting on the banks of the Euphrates, near the Syria-Iraq border. The crowd had been identified as civilians by a U.S. drone operated from Al-Udeid airbase in Qatar.”

The 2019 incident was concealed by the U.S. military until it was reported in 2021 by the New York Times . Investigation of the case was blocked by the independent inspector general and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.”

Good thing we are a cut above. I guess your not gonna give them a pass?

Can you get it through your head that we are talking about the behavior of boots on the ground?

Depends on your source. Post 9/11 civilian deaths are in the ballpark of almost 20,000 a year for twenty years. The Russia Ukraine war has about 7,000 civilian deaths in three months. I wouldn’t trust either set of numbers to be very accurate. But if we accept them as is we see Putin is the bigger killer so far.

We are though. It was a Delta team that called in the strike. There is no difference in dropping a bomb on civilians and shooting them with a gun or targeting them with artillery.

War is war and civilians die. Putin’s army operates on the same paradigm ours does. There is no difference. We destroyed Falujah much the same as the Russians destroyed Mariupol because that is what army’s do. We established a global precedent for armed intervention and are now shocked that another nation is actually following our lead.

I personally don’t think anything going on over there is worth a single mother paying $5 a gallon for gas. I’m not sure many see it but Putin’s war is not simply with Ukraine, but the entire western world and is asymmetrical. He doesn’t need to win quickly in Ukraine, in fact he doesn’t have to win at all for us to lose, something I’ve been saying for quite a while. For proof read the comments in the subreddit about UK electricity bills. And this is only the beginning.


We all have fond memories of $5 a gallon for gas over here; try $9.75 and still rising.
Nearly $11 for diesel.
LPG is about $5 a gallon but that won’t last as they are planning to pull the LPG filling points in favour of electric chargers.