In his defiant speech Putin blamed NATO to have invaded Ukraine and that therefore Russia was forced to respond to this brutality. It was funny to see that he was quite helpless with no victories to report, empty handed, because there are no real victories. No news from the east front as they used to say.

The Russian population must by now beginning to understand that something is very wrong as it is rather strange that after months of war no victories are claimed. The original idea was that the mighty Russian army would eliminate the Ukrainian opponent in about three days so how can?

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What happened to not getting involved like noble China? Where’s the condemnation for the wicked overseas tyrant? Why does Ukraine matter?

Because the wolf is at your door.

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Next time Im out in the foothills of Tennessee Ill be sure to mention Tallahassee Taliban. They will probably take it as a compliment.

Total control of the media and decades of relentless BS faking the news to suit the lunatics agenda.
Putin learnt from Hitler

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They will more likely move to Tallahassee hoping to get on the waiting list for 72 virgins.

It’s actually “72 Grapes”. Somebody made a wrong translation somewhere (Before Google translator)


That’s terrible: white grapes are so non-inclusive.

Maybe like olive oil
the grapes are virgin.

Don’t know about Virgin Grapes, but there are Virgin Grapeseed Oil:
But that would be even worse. Imagine having some pretty young thing poring that down your throat
At least better if she was feeding you 72 white grapes, one by one.

Yeah that would be a real bummer for a guy who spent the last few months in a cave compound with the boys for sure. Imagine blowing yourself up for a salad.

Extra virgin virgins?

They exist. They teach in Catholic schools. They wear burkas minus the face covering; scary creatures. After a year or so it becomes apparent chastity promotes sadistic behavior. Therefore most students avoid chastity.

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Such a great movie…

The war in Ukraine is affecting life far away from the actual warfare.
Kirkenes, a small Norwegian town on the border with Russia, is feeling it more than most:

Sweden and Finland may not be joining NATO after all. (That’s good, right? I’d hate to see others interfering in the affairs of neighbors like wicked US does to glorious China and their rogue province, Taiwan. Could “unification” be far behind?:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)

“We are following the developments regarding Sweden and Finland, but we don’t hold positive views,” President Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul. “Furthermore, Scandinavian countries are guesthouses for terrorist organisations,"

Been reading there are a couple of other countries opposed to it as well. Turkey may use the NATO expansion vote to finally leverage their bid to join the EU.

The Institute for the Study of War (pro western think tank) seems to have a daily posts with updates. Figured I send it along

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Given the island’s location and the logistical near impossibility of Ukraine maintaining or resupplying a force on that bare rock, it is much more plausible Ukraine did a hit and run on the Russian forces there.