Well, what keeps Kim from being worse is his economics. . . .

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NATO nuclear subs gathering for a meet and greet at the UK sub base Clyde in Scotland. Time to advance the doomsday clock.

Very good speech. As we say here there isn’t a word French spoken.


Russia threatens to sink ships carrying weapons to Ukraine.
Naval ships, commercial ships, both ?

Their navy is blockading the Ukrainian ports they haven’t captured. Why would a military that slaughters innocent civilians for sport hesitate to sink commercial ships delivering weapons?

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They’ve already had mines “accidentally” part their moorings and float around the coast. A few have reportedly damaged commercial shipping which now avoids that coast.

(International law on seagoing mines requires any mine that parts mooring to automatically disarm. These apparently did not.)

In a strange twist it may be better to actively sink ships you don’t like as opposed to laying mines that “accidentally” drift around damaging anything at random.

Persistent chatter on twitter and elsewhere that the Admiral Makarov was on fire. Anybody know more?


The Ukrainian military claims that it has destroyed two Raptor-class Russian patrol boats near Snake Island, an outpost captured by Russian forces in the early days of the invasion:

I really hope that the powers that be are taking notice of the vulnerability of these ships, the Makarov is (was?) only 5 years old so should have been able to put up a better fight I would have thought.
We trundle past one or both of our carriers (yeah, we have 2 now!) most days and they don’t appear to have a lot of CIWS available, a couple of Phalanxes is all.
I’d have 50 down each side, at least.

The Makarov was under fire in about the same position where the two Raptors were recently sunk. It seems that they like being shot at and parading in front of the Ukrainian missile sites. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with them.

Another one of Putin’s prides is on fire. I would like to have a peek on Putin’s state of mind now. He is probably blowing his top and planning all kinds of revenges.

Carrier escorts are her defense. Even the American carriers are lite on defenses.

So far the reports are unverified (and denied by Russia, FWIW)


If Russia denies it then it is probably true.


Just remembered this, and I know it is fiction but still happens very quickly…
The Sum of All Fears (2002) - Aircraft Carrier is Attacked - Bing video

Just in time for May 9
Putin would have been hoping for happy news for this occaision

Wouldn’t have anything to do with the US Global Hawk drone overhead, callsign Fort11 I believe reported

You can follow the action here;

Situation still uncertain, with conflicting reports.


More telling than the sinking of Russian ships, I think, are the Russians blowing up bridges.

A desperate tactic done by an army in retreat from cities they failed to capture, and which they now fear counterattack from.

So much for Russia’s Victory Day.

A Ukranian missile may or may not have hit a ship, but their pilots certainly did a number on the Russian installations on Snake Island: