TWIC Deadline?

I’m hearing rumors that the USCG is serious about the new TWIC deadline. Anyone know what the deadline is or if this rumor’s true??

They were always serious about the TWIC and <strong>a deadline</strong>. The 469 page final rule was released a few weeks ago and has caused a few rumors. Actual enforcment is going to be in the fall of 2008, but Delaware ( started enrollment this monday. Google “twic” under the news tab and read some of the recent articles. If you’re REALLY bored the final rule is posted on the website.

You can also pre-enroll which is suppose to save you time down the line, my bet is that pre-enrolling will just add to the confusion when you show up for the card.

Pre-enrollment link:

[](" target="_blank" title="TWIC Pre-enrollment)

“Workers can avoid lines and save time during the process by
pre-enrolling online (pre-enrollment will begin October 9, 2007). Here
workers provide biographical information and make a reservation to
complete the process in person at the port.”

I pre-enrolled. The password selection sux. You print out a barcode that you present when you apply in person. Woopty do. Maybe I saved 30 seconds. It contains my name,address,dob, and ssn.