Trying to be the Energizer Rabbit……

…and sometimes I get a little down. I’m use to rejections. But not at this level. Over the past 2 months I’ve put in almost 200 applications and twice as many emails and phone calls. Most of those are for entry level – no experience needed positions.

And at least I get some responses back from those, “entry level – no experience needed” positions. That they hired others “that best met the credentials and experiences required for the position at hand”. [B]SO I HAVE, TWIC, MMD, PASSPORT, STCW-95 BST, RFPNW,[/B] [B]Current physical and drug screening [/B]and I don’t meet the minimum requirements for an advertized no- experience Deckhand (OS) position. I’ll even scrub toilets and peel potatoes; but since I don’t have credentials and experience at it I seem to be out of luck.

At least they write back. My rejection count as of today is 29. I think I need a hug.

But that’s a good thing isn’t it? Statically speaking. Doesn’t it mean to just keep at it like the Energizer Rabbit; because sooner or later the jobs will come flying by so quickly I can pick and choose where and when I go…Right?..(so say the slightly insane man in need of high doses of medication).

You’ve been on here long enough to have learned a few things by now. First, nobody even reads the entry level applications at most companies. Second, the companies run the same ads all the time whether they need anyone or not. Third, the way to find a job is to persistently go door to door where the jobs are. Fourth, take any job to get some experience. I look forward to reading your next post saying that you just completed your first hitch.

Yea I know. Just a little down with the rejections. I plan to do the door to door in Sept. Is there a better time during the year to apply? Maybe when the Academy folks go back to school?

Kind of hard getting the time off from work during the summer months. If my employer thinks I’m looking for work they exercise that passive aggressive attitude and find ways to deny vacation. May have to go for broke with a finical hit and just take a Leave of Absence while I knock on doors.