Trump: people vs profits

It looks like the Orangeman has some experience with medico-legal issues.

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My Niece is a Doctor of Pharmacology and worked for a large chain Pharmacy in PA. When she worked stores in Cities, she complained about the number of “questionable” scripts coming across the counter. She was told to FILL them as they didn’t want to be called racist.

Negligent homicide is a much better look.

Remember, Trump is a “Businessman”. Not a Statesman or political leader for that matter. .

He’s been hard at work doing his business calculus as these two stories will explain.

Donald Trump Is Trying To Figure Out How Many Americans He Needs To Sacrifice To Keep The Economy Going

Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick seems to echo Trump. I guess all old people should just volunteer to die, get off Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, Food Stamps, Disability Comp, Nursing Homes, Housing assistance etc etc etc Hardly seems fair to go to work at 18 or 20 and work to 66 where you could have some retirement years and then Trump and some of his Bucaroos (who aren’t sacrificing themselves of anything) want you to die cause you’re a drag on “their” economy.

Texas Lt. Governor Says Grandparents Are Ready to Die from Coronavirus for the Economy

One more time:

Trump to New York: You’ve Been Mean to Me, Drop Dead


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If Trump calls off the quarantines the state governors have the right & responsibility to do as they see neccessary. Many will follow the POTUS because they are followers, for deniability reasons & because they honestly believe it’s the right thing. Whatever Trump does, I’m anxious to see how it turns out & curious how history will be read decades from now. I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind seeing the quarantine last longer but I have a well supplied pantry, 6+ month emergency fund & a somewhat secure job. Thank the Lord for all of those things.

But before the never Trumpers, who never approved of a single thing that he has done in his life start crying Trump will be remembered as a slaughterer, remember these 3 revered Americans. Abraham Lincoln is considered one of our greatest Presidents ever. But he lead us into the most deadliest war that the US has ever seen to keep half of the country from leaving & doing it’s own thing, 600,000+ dead Americans. Curtis Lemay was one of the highest decorated Generals our country has ever produced. He was almost elected vice President. He also ordered the deadliest air bombing in human history that resulted in over 100,000 Japanese civilians burning to death & left 1,000,000 civilians homeless. President Harry Truman needs no history review, most Americans love & respect his memory. But he also ordered nuclear bombs to be dropped on cities with no strategic importance. Only the futures history can tell us how Trump will be judged.