Trucking a Cape Dory 30C


I am writing a journal of the journeys of the Cape Dory 30, SV The Kestrel. On this post, I write about how we trucked her 635 miles from Redding, CA to Temecula, CA. Trucking her home - Marine World Classifieds

Anyone planning to do this, I can definitely answer questions regarding my process. I’ll be happy to.


Congrats on a successful tow.

  1. Did you purchase this yacht brand new?
  2. What year was the S/V manufactured?
  3. What was the biggest challenge with the tow?
  4. Do you have any pictures of the Helm, Berths, Galley, and Cabin?




She’s a 1979 USCG documented Cape Dory 30 that has been living in a lake for more than a decade, 3 previous owners, she’s used.

The biggest challenge is not getting the truck 100%. I did the usual brake pads, oil change but failed to diagnose that my idler pulley was stuck. I have Dodge RAM 2500 cummins, she has no issues pulling the boat up and down the 5 freeway, with the first 7 miles coming up from the lake was all steep ascent, she met her match at the rough and tumble grapevine when her pulley got stuck.

I’ll be posting more pics soon, I’m doing some major work on her. Motor is being rebuilt(75% complete), standing rigging being replaced(10% complete), bottom painted(3 of 4 coats completed).


Speaking as one WAFI** to another – this is the sort of vessel moving that people here tend to be interested in. It’s always a good idea to do some reading before posting:

**Wind Assisted Fecking Idjit


Have you looked up the “Cape Dory Fans” page on Facebook? There is some pretty good info on there and when you have a question about your boat they are a wealth of information.


Yea I’m there too.