Trivia Question - Why did we choose Starbucks cards for our promotion?


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Why did we choose Starbucks for our promotion?


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Since you drink it by the gallon to stay awake on the 00-04 watch?


<font face=“georgia,palatino” size="3]Starbucks was chosen because of it’s nautical origins. </font>

<font face=“georgia,palatino” size=“3]</font><font face=“Georgia, serif” color=”#000000]<font size="3]Starbuck is the character in
the 1851 novel Moby-Dick
by author Herman
. Strong and steady, Starbuck serves as first mate on the
whaling ship Pequod under the command of the mad Captain Ahab.</font></font>

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I would have gone for the Moby Dick reference, but it looks like that is already taken- so I will go for the mermaid on the logo. Mermaids are the tricksters that lure desparate mariners into the deep cold sea to meet thier doom.

And Starbucks is everywhere! So even when your ship stops in port overseas you can get a cup of joe.

Casey O’Donnell

Co-owner / Editor

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I have to guess the Moby Dick refernce too and add that whose cooler than a chief mate? [img]" border=“0” alt=“Wink” title=“Wink” />


$50 starbucks card goes to wb6nah

I still have a few $10 cards left so be sure to register!


For all curious I’ll announce the winners of the $10 Starbucks cards shortly. Thanks to all who registered!

Why the delay?? Here’s one reason:

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Ok I have mailed the last of the winning and consolation prizes. If you think you should have, but didn’t recieve one by next week [contact us](" title="contact maritime expert site gCaptain) and we’ll figure something out. Thanks everyone for applying!!! -John